How To Improve Your Security Surveillance But Reduce Your Costs.
World Leading AI CCTV Security Surveillance System

How to get improved security surveillance at reduced costs?

Simple security so you can have peace of mind.

In either situation it’s costing you – whether through higher security guarding costs, higher insurance premiums and even lost productivity.

Advanced Security Camera
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All through World Leading CCTV Surveillance System combining leading AI Technology

Next-generation video analytics

Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to pick out when people (and only people) have entered your protected zone. Deter or catch the unwanted person the moment they enter your restricted zone. Technology doesn’t get bored or tired! You get instant Intruder Prevention.

Allow our Deep A-Eye™ software to do the laborious work for you and pick out the people – then send you a real alert. Real-time video analytics with smart human detection gives you minimal false alarms.

Deep A-Eye™ is the world’s most advanced human-detection software. It picks out intruders and sends alerts when a person has entered your protected zone. Unlike our competitors, Deep A-Eye™ detects people and not just everything that moves. So you get alerts when people enter your protected zone and not cats or dogs.

Integrate Deep A-Eye™ software with your existing digital cameras or we can supply or recommend cameras. Deep A-Eye™ seamlessly integrates with all major digital CCTV camera brands. No need to change your cameras, or we can supply you with cameras – whichever you need. Easy Installation and Integration

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