Camera smart monitoring is the future of CCTV surveillance
AI Powered CCTV Security Surveillance System

How it works

We understand the pain of finding an issue and then going back though hours of CCTV footage until you find the right time when the unexpected or unwarranted happened, and understanding, that this could have been prevented.

Changing your existing CCTV cameras into inbuilt smart cameras can be very expensive.
We have created software that turns any digital camera into a smart camera. Our software monitors the area 24/7 and alerts you when, or even before the incident occurs.

Make your CCTV security system work more effectively with our software, which picks up on intruders in real time, sends you alerts and makes your camera monitoring very effective and efficient.

With our artificial intelligence powered software, you can transform your cameras into smart cameras instantly.
Let the artificial intelligence do the monitoring for you – and allow you to have peace of mind, even if you are not watching your cameras.

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Deep A-eye™

The World’s most advanced real-time video analytics system.

Allow your security system to analyse what it sees for you. Deep A-Eye™ from Ethersec is the world’s most advanced real-time video analytics software, designed to detect humans and anomalies and alert you.

Advanced and Intelligent Camera Surveillance

Integrate your cameras with our software to get the best of both worlds. Deep A-Eye™ seamlessly integrates with all major brands of digital cameras.

Easy Installation and Integration

Deep A-Eye™ seamlessly integrates with third party software applications such as RFID, facial and object recognition and other systems easily available in the market.

World Leader in Accuracy

Say good-bye to false alarms. Deep A-Eye™ is a highly advanced self-learning system which provides real time protection with 98% accuracy.

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