World Leading AI CCTV Security Surveillance System

How it works:

Make your CCTV security system work more effectively to pick up intruders, reduce false alerts and be more effective. By just picking out intruders, it reduces your security costs. Sending false positives is expensive and wasteful. Deep A-Eye™ increases the efficacy of your security systems by picking out the people/intruders and only then sending alerts – more for less!

Deep A-eye™ - the World’s most advanced real-time video analytics system.

Deep A-Eye™

Help your security system to see more clearly. Deep A-Eye™ from Ethersec is the world’s most advanced real-time video analytics software, designed to detect humans – and only humans – in areas they’re not supposed to be.

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CCTV Camera Surveillance System

Easy Installation and Integration

Deep A-Eye™ seamlessly integrates with third party software applications such as RFID, facial and object recognition and other systems easily available in the market.

World Leader in Accuracy

Say good-bye to false alarms. A-Eye™ is a highly advanced self learning system which provides real time protection with 98% accuracy.

Advanced Security Camera

Intelligent Camera Surveillance

Securing areas with guards is expensive and even skilled CCTV operators can only maintain effective surveillance for a short span of time.

Integrate your cameras with our software to get the best of both worlds. Deep A-Eye™ seamlessly integrates with all major brands of digital cameras.

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