Major Telecom Provider

Major Telecom Provider – India

  • Challenge: The customer is rolling out over 1000 high value remote data centres and other infrastructure in 2021. They require a highly accurate system to protect those assets 24/7. Current security is mostly manual, with some CCTV cameras. They want to scale and maximise their security efforts without hiring new staff.
  • Action: Ethersec partnered with Boston Limited IT solutions to install Deep A-Eye™ at a POC mobile data centre. It’s purpose was to instantly alert the customer to people approaching the entrance of the unit. The system comprises of 2 outdoor cameras and the Deep A-Eye™ system and was installed for a month to evaluate it’s effectiveness (not missing a person and minimising false positives).
  • Result: After 1 month the system produced no false positives and picked up on all tested occurrences of persons approaching the data centre. The customer has given an approval for Ethersec’s Deep A-Eye™ to be rolled out for the entire project.
  • Testimonial: Boston are proud partners with Ethersec Industries. The accuracy of Deep A-Eye,  their intruder prevention product,  means potential direct savings for our customers as they are now able to optimise their security operations with a system that produces less false positives than other systems on the market. We have recently completed a 1 month successful POC with a major national telecom provider to guard their critical infrastructure. The customer have given a verbal agreement to roll  Deep A-Eye out over 1000 locations covering both municipal and rural areas.  – Dev Tyagi Co-Founder and CSMO Boston Limited.

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