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EtherSec Industries Ltd. is a UK based, privately owned technology company specialising in high performance, cloud enabled, state-of-the-art video analytics solutions with a wide range of applications in the commercial and private sector.

Founded in 2002.

EtherSec is a global leader in real-time video analytics for human intrusion detection in the security and safety industry. Our unique hardware and software approach allows us to develop a real-time video analytics system which detects humans and only humans in dynamic and challenging surroundings with a high degree of accuracy and the lowest false alarm rate.


A worldwide recognised benchmark of the UK government for video analytics systems, EtherSec’s technology gained highest possible certification of “Primary Detector” in 2010/11.

EtherSec’s A-Eye received the highest possible rating by the UK government’s Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure and is suitable for use for critical infrastructure.

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