World Leading AI CCTV Security Surveillance System

The Next Generation System

Help your security system to see more clearly. A-Eye™ from Ethersec is the world’s most advanced real-time video analytics software, designed to detect humans – and only humans – in areas they’re not supposed to be. For your security or their safety

Say good-bye to false alarms. A-Eye is a highly advanced self learning system which provides real time protection with 98% accuracy.

A-Eye seamlessly integrates with third party software applications such as RFID, facial and object recognition and other systems easily available in the market.

Securing areas with guards is expensive and even skilled CCTV operators can only maintain effective surveillance for a short span of time.

A-Eye Trax™

Identify and track authorised, and alert on non-authorised persons across a controlled area. Also track single or multiple persons across a multi-camera environment. This is achieved without invasive bio-metric analytics and produces no false positives, so you can respond to real incidents faster.

A-Eye 3D™

A paradigm shift for surveillance: Unrivaled quality of analytics and insights, removing all false positives in your surveillance operations. We can also project a scene, in full volumetric 3D, enabling real time Virtual Reality experiences without the need of post production, so the implications for content creation in the entertainment industry are enormous.

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