The future of CCTV surveillance is here
AI Powered video analytics

Real time AI video analytics

Live alerts instantly

98% accuracy rate in human detection

EtherSec specialises in Artificial Intelligence (AI) based surveillance solutions, allowing you to receive live alerts on a display or even on your phone, helping you to evaluate the threat in real time.

Catch the following alerts

and not lots of false alarms:

CCTV Security

People coming into your protected zones

Health and Safety

People (including staff) straying into the wrong / dangerous zones/areas

Theft Prevention

Suspicious behaviour to prevent shop theft

Our software is compatible with all major digital cameras and third-party software applications, in the market to help you monitor performance, people and assets. We provide you with human, object and behaviour recognition and alerts.

Common Video Surveillance Problems

EtherSec Solutions

EtherSec System Benefits

Increasing efficiencies in surveillance monitoring

Play Video

Our Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software will pick up and alert you when a person enters the protected zone.
Real-time video analytics with smart human detection will give you minimal false alarms.
Unlike our competitors, Deep A-Eye™ detects people and not just everything that moves.

Deep A-Eye™ seamlessly integrates with all major digital CCTV camera brands. Our software is created with the user in mind, it is easy to install and integrate with your existing systems.
You can integrate Deep A-Eye™ software with your existing digital cameras or we can supply cameras.

Our software can track multiple persons at the same time and alerts you when potential accidents may occur. Monitors your staffs’ behaviour, prevents accidents in the workplace and ensures the highest standard of health and safety.

Our tools enable you to ensure the highest levels of security and/ or health and safety without spending more time monitoring your cameras – let our software do it for you.

Unlike other competitors in the market, Ethersec allows you to choose the number of smart cameras required – there is no minimum or maximum threshold.

Speak to our team today and get more information on how to improve your security.

Why Ethersec?

Smart technology

Self-learning AI video analytics system


Compatible with all major digital cameras. Integration with 3rd party software applications


98% accuracy and real time protection

Industry recognised

Software is accredited by CPNI, ILIDS Inception partner -NVIDIA

AI - powered

Facial and object recognition


Real-live alerts

Our software can benefit the following industries

but not limited to

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