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Deep A-Eye™, the world’s most advanced human-detection software.

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  • Intruder Prevention
  • Access Verification
  • Realtime Tracking
  • The Future

Deep A-Eye™

  • 24/7 autonomous alert system against intruders
  • Detects a human and only a human, even in the most difficult areas
  • More accurate and lower costs than other products on the market

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A-Eye Verify™

  • Authorised personnel can pass by cameras without alerting the system
  • Keep unauthorised personnel away from hazardous or valuable zones
  • Accurate and simple way to identify grant access to appropriate persons

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A-Eye Trax™

  • Track your personnel in real-time across multiple cameras
  • More accurate and secure than biometric analysis for some situations
  • Can be used with standard IP CCTV cameras

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A-Eye 3D™

  • Unrivalled quality of analytics and insights
  • Real time VR experience without post production
  • A paradigm shift for surveillance and entertainment

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How it Works

Help your security system to see more clearly. Deep A-Eye™ from EtherSec is the world’s most advanced real-time video analytics software, designed to detect humans – and only humans – in areas they’re not supposed to be. For your security or their safety.

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