The Next Generation System.

Help your security system to see more clearly. A-Eye™ from Ethersec is the world’s most advanced real-time video analytics software, designed to detect humans – and only humans – in areas they’re not supposed to be. For your security or their safety.

World Leader in Accuracy

Easy Installation and Integration

Always On

How we use A-Eye™.

  • Deep A-Eye™
    Human Detection
  • A-Eye Verify™
    Human Identification
  • 24/7 autonomous alert system against intruders
  • Detects a human and only a human, even in the most difficult areas
  • More accurate and lower costs than other products on the market

  • Authorised personnel can pass by cameras without alerting the system
  • Keep unauthorised personnel away from hazardous or valuable zones
  • Accurate and simple way to identify grant access to appropriate persons

Deep A-Eye™

Deep A-Eye™ advanced video analytics can accurately recognise a human, and only a human, even in the most complex environments. Our intelligent, deep-learning technology means the system is also constantly evolving and improving itself - to deliver even greater accuracy. Which translates into increased confidence and fewer false alarms.

A-Eye Verify™

Monitoring restricted areas can be complicated and expensive. Through deep-learning technology, A-Eye Verify™ can be taught to recognise the personnel who are authorised to be there – and to raise the alarm when anyone without authorisation is present. All using your current camera system.

  • Deep A-Eye™
  • A-Eye Verify™

We integrate with the world’s leading systems.

Monitor live feeds and respond to alarms from your smartphone, tablet or computer anywhere in the world.

Audio warnings to deter trespassers entering secure zones, and intruders before they can cause damage.

Continuous video recording for months with easy retrieval and review.